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Validated scientific reports for defense attorneys and their clients

Without Options the Door Remains Closed

  • Defense attorneys often do not have the time and resources necessary to develop and advocate for individualized pre-trial release, plea-bargaining, pre-sentence reports, juvenile dispositions, risk-management planning, or post-adjudication issues (e.g., parole board reviews).
  • Pacific Sentencing Initiative introduces new and innovative services for defense attorneys. These services provide defense attorneys, and the courts, with viable alternatives supported by legal professional experience and the most recent scientific research.
  • Reports and documents produced by Pacific Sentencing Initiative rely on scholarly research and practical familiarity with the criminal justice process.
  • Development of Case History

    A Client’s case history is a product of interviews and relevant documents that reflect education, employment, family, medical and mental factors, and other relevant social and psychological data.

    Extensive Examination of Offense(s)

    We Disaggregate and Analyze Your Client’s Record

    A thorough examination of all offenses including a comprehensive review of sentencing options under relevant government sentencing schemes presented within the context of social science research methods.

    Examinations of Mitigating Circumstances

    An analysis of mitigating circumstances pertaining to the client’s offense(s), and within the parameters of the client’s social and psychological history.

    Applicable Criminal and Juvenile Justice Research

    Pacific Sentencing Initiative conducts a comprehensive review of the latest and most relevant criminological, social, and psychological research. We then link the relevant research with your client’s case.

    Alternative Residential and Outpatient Options

    Extensive research focuses on all relevant areas that offer possible alternatives to incarceration. These alternatives include drug rehabilitation programs (in-patient and out-patient), employment and education programs, behavioral modification programs, veteran services, and other options that pertain to, and are consistent with the needs and situation of the client.

    Alternative Sanctions (House Arrest, Restitution, Community Services, etc.)

    In some cases, the courts will not consider any recommendation that fails to offer some form of punitive prescription. Our research-based alternative options satisfy the punitive requirements of the court. We stress the importance of insuring these punitive measures be administered by the government in a manner that supports both the victim and the client, and fosters public safety.

    Cost-Benefit Analysis

    A cost-benefit analysis that reflects short-term and long-range costs of different sentencing options that comply with adult and juvenile systems’ evidence-based program requirements.

    Additional Options Can Offer Significant Relief

    Risk Management Planning

    Pacific Sentencing Initiative offers a comprehensive custom needs assessment in the form of an effective dynamic risk management plan that is invaluable to clients, and produces favorable outcomes within the court system and addresses issues promoting success beyond the courts.

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