Validated scientific reports and persuasive presentations empower defense attorneys to produce genuinely positive outcomes for their clients. Pacific Sentencing Initiative takes an expansive view of the role of the defense attorney. The goals of effective representation include limiting the punitive consequences of the criminal justice system and obtaining favorable outcomes for clients in a context that protects public safety and respects community concerns. Pacific Sentencing Initiative provides a full range of scientific, evidence-based reports, services, and plans to help you achieve your objectives.

Are there really no options?

Judges in the States of Oregon and Washington face similar practical and organizational problems in sentencing issues that are complicated by restrictive legislation, jail and prison overcrowding, limited treatment resources, liability issues for community placement, budget cutbacks and a growing frustration on the part of the public. Similarly, defense attorneys struggle with a perceived shortage of viable options for both plea bargains and sentencing for their clients.

Answers for Defense Attorneys

Pacific Sentencing Initiative can provide the answers for these complicated legal problems. Pacific Sentencing Initiative applies a best practices approach to create acceptable plea-bargaining and sentencing alternatives for courts. The innovative plans and proposals of Pacific Sentencing Initiative are fully consistent with the requirements of public safety. By applying the principles of therapeutic jurisprudence and dynamic risk management, defense attorneys sentencing arguments become effective and attorneys obtain favorable outcomes for their clients.

Pacific Sentencing Specializes in:

  • Pre-trial Release Negotiations

  • Pre-Plea Negotiations

  • Individualized Sentencing Plans

  • Juvenile Dispositions

  • Risk Management Planning

  • Post-Adjudication Issues

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